Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids? 5 Key Facts!

Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids? Yes, the Von Erich brothers, including Kerry, used steroids and various drugs, which contributed to their impressive physiques.

The Von Erich family, a name synonymous with Texas wrestling, became legendary in the world of professional wrestling.

Under the leadership of patriarch Fritz Von Erich, five of his sons—Kevin, David, Kerry, Mike, and Chris—carved out a formidable legacy in the ring.

However, beneath their celebrated success lay a darker narrative involving the use of steroids and other drugs, which contributed to their physical prowess and, ultimately, to their tragic downfalls.

Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids? 5 Key Facts!

1. The Rise of the Von Erich Dynasty

Fritz Von Erich, born Jack Adkisson, transformed his family into wrestling royalty, starting with his own storied career and extending through his sons.

The Von Erich brothers were trained rigorously from a young age, working out for hours each day and developing athletic abilities that seemed almost superhuman.

The family’s wrestling promotion, World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), gained worldwide fame, making the Von Erichs household names in the wrestling world.

Kevin, the eldest of the surviving brothers, was known for his acrobatic style and wrestling barefoot. David, often seen as the most technically skilled, was set to become a wrestling icon before his untimely death.

Kerry, with his chiseled physique and good looks, became a fan favorite and even held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, a title he won in a poignant match dedicated to his late brother David.

Mike and Chris, the younger brothers, also followed in their siblings’ footsteps, despite facing significant physical and psychological challenges.

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Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids
Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids?

2. The Dark Side: Steroid Use and Addiction

The Von Erich brothers’ impressive physiques were not achieved through natural means alone. [Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids?]

Steroid use was rampant among the brothers, a fact that was later confirmed through various accounts and confessions.

The pressure to maintain their physical condition and to recover quickly from injuries led them down a path of substance abuse.

Kevin Von Erich revealed in interviews that the brothers began using painkillers and steroids at a young age to cope with the demands of their wrestling careers.

The use of these substances allowed them to perform through pain and injuries, but it also led to long-term health issues and addiction.

Kerry Von Erich, in particular, struggled with drug addiction throughout his career. [Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids?]

His impressive musculature, which even Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly admired, was partly due to steroid use.

Kerry’s addiction extended beyond steroids to other drugs, exacerbated by a severe motorcycle accident in 1986 that resulted in the amputation of his right foot.

Despite wearing a prosthetic foot and continuing to wrestle, Kerry’s addiction issues persisted, contributing to his tragic end.

3. The WWE’s Role and Changing Attitudes Toward Steroid Use

The WWE, formerly known as the WWF, has evolved in its stance on steroid use over the years. [Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids?]

During the height of the Von Erichs’ careers, the use of steroids was widespread and not stringently regulated within the industry.

This permissive environment contributed to the normalization of steroid use among wrestlers seeking to enhance their physiques and performance.

However, following several high-profile incidents and increased public scrutiny, the WWE implemented a strict anti-steroid policy.

Regular drug testing was introduced to ensure compliance and promote the health and safety of its athletes. [Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids?]

This shift reflects a broader change in attitudes within the wrestling world, emphasizing the importance of natural talent and physical well-being over chemically enhanced performance.

Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids

4. Tragic Endings

The Von Erich family’s story is marked by a series of untimely deaths, often attributed to the pressures and lifestyle associated with professional wrestling.

David Von Erich’s death in 1984 at the age of 25 was officially attributed to acute enteritis, but rumors and suspicions of drug overdose lingered.

Mike Von Erich, who never fully recovered from a severe bout of toxic shock syndrome, died by suicide in 1987 after battling depression and drug abuse.

Chris Von Erich, plagued by health issues and unable to fulfill his wrestling dreams, also died by suicide in 1991 at the age of 21.

Kerry Von Erich’s struggles culminated in his own tragic death by suicide in 1993. Facing legal troubles and the possibility of imprisonment for drug-related offenses, Kerry saw no way out.

His death marked yet another heartbreak for the Von Erich family and the wrestling community.

5. The Last of the Von Erichs

Kevin Von Erich, the last surviving brother, has endured the immense loss of his siblings and parents. [Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids?]

Despite the tragedies, he has worked to keep the Von Erich legacy alive, representing his family during their induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

Kevin has remained active in the wrestling community, supporting his sons Ross and Marshall, who have embarked on their own wrestling careers.

Reflecting on his family’s history, Kevin has been candid about the role of drugs and steroids in their lives, offering a cautionary tale about the pressures of professional wrestling and the cost of fame.

The story of the Von Erichs serves as both a testament to their impact on wrestling and a somber reminder of the dangers that lurk behind the glitz and glamour of the sport.


What Drugs Were The Von Erichs Doing?

The Von Erich brothers used painkillers, steroids, and various other drugs to manage injuries and maintain their physical condition.

Does The WWE Allow Steroids?

The WWE has a strict anti-steroid policy and conducts regular drug testing to ensure compliance, but this was not always the case historically.

How Did David Von Erich Rupture His Intestine?

David Von Erich’s official cause of death was acute enteritis, but there are conflicting reports and speculations about possible drug use leading to his condition.

Conclusion: Did The Von Erichs Take Steroids?

The Von Erich family’s story is a complex tapestry of triumph and tragedy, marked by incredible athletic achievements and devastating personal losses.

Their legacy in the wrestling world is undeniable, but it is also a stark reminder of the perils of substance abuse and the human cost of the relentless pursuit of fame.

As new generations of wrestlers emerge, the Von Erichs’ story stands as a powerful lesson in the importance of health, balance, and the enduring strength of family bonds.

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